Frequently Asked Questions

~ Your guidebook to custom illustrations ~

What mediums/techniques do you use for your arts?

At Mad Artist Paradise, we use varieties of mediums such as ink and watercolors, along with markers and colored pencils. Our artist combine the styles of Japanese anime with varies of techniques depending on themes, emotions, story-telling, etc.

What is your custom art process?

To order a custom order, you would need to contact us requesting a custom illustration along with size of artwork, details, etc. Once our artist get the email and work out all details with you, along with references if required, a rough draft of the illustration will be created and sent to you to make sure all details are correct before the designs are finalization. During the viewing the rough draft/concept, clients get one (1) free preview of the rough sketch. Should you want to preview it again with added details that was not originally part of the concept, it is additional fee per rough concept.Once the rough been approved, no additional details can be added without additional fee. The custom illustration will be finalized and shipped to you. We do ask if your custom order can be added in our Custom Arts gallery as showcase of skills.


Regarding digital works, they will be emailed in high resolution and no overlay watermark. However, if you want a physical print of the work, the print will cost extra along with shipping and handling fee.

What is your turn-around time for the custom arts?

The tun-around time usually varies as it depends on clients’ communication but also sizes/details and amount of the orders (and whether we have other projects and upcoming shows).


We at Mad Artist Paradise greatly rely on communication with our clients to create amazing custom arts. If the clients don’t get back to us within certain time span of whether the draft is clear for final process like fine-details and such, not only does it delay the artwork being done but it also delay when it get shipped out.


Size and details also play a role in turn-around time as our artist is a fine-detailed artist; so depending on amount of details being done on what size the work is being done on can affect the turn-around time as easily as several hours to a month or two.

What is your Return Policy?

If you are not satisfied with your artwork from Mad Artist Paradise, standard in-stock items may be returned or exchanged within 14 days of first delivery attempt. The artwork must be in original condition; we do not accept refunds for products showing any signs of wear or damage.


We do not allow returns or exchanges on any commissioned illustrations. At Mad Artist Paradise, we are confident that you will love your illustration(s) as our creation process is created to ensure best quality of the one-of-a-kind illustration.

"One-of-a-Kind" Policy...what is that?

Our "one-of-a-kind" policy are custom illustrations that clients ordered and is designed specifically. Any custom illustrations and designs that Mad Artist Paradise have created are not to be reproduced, sold online and requested by any means.

If there is a custom illustration/designs that you are interested in, it will have to be altered as a new illustration/design in order  to be unique and hold specific meanings to the new clients.

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