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Frequently Asked Questions

~ Your guidebook to custom illustrations ~

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What mediums/techniques do you use for your arts?

     I use varieties of mediums such as ink and watercolors, along with markers and colored pencils. When using digital mediums, I use mainly Clip Studio Paint and After Effects.

Commission Process?

     The basic process of ordering a commission is that you would fill out my form stating what kind of art you want and describe what you want/looking for. Once I get your form, I will clarify any details, along with references if required, and then send an invoice to the provided email address.  


     After the invoice have been paid, a rough draft of the commissions will be created and sent to make sure all details are correct before the commissions are finalization.


     During the viewing the rough draft, clients get one free preview of the rough sketch where any and all changes can be made. Once approved, no additional details can be added without additional fee. 


     The commission will be finalized and depending on the commission type, it will be the following:

         - Traditional Work: the original work will be shipped to the provided address

         - Digital Work: depending on the type, the work(s) will be emailed to the provided email address


     We do ask if your custom order can be added in our Custom Arts gallery as showcase of various skills.

What is your turn-around time for the commissions?

     It varies on few factors:

          - How many projects are currently being worked on

     There will be a limit of commission slots and I will inform whether the commission slots are open or not.


          - Type of commissions

     Certain commission types will take priority over others: illustrations/concept arts are finished before comic arts, comic arts are finished before Children’s Book/Storyboards & Animations.


          - Commission’s due dates

     I do understand that some people need their illustrations by certain dates as the commissions would be a gift for holiday/birthday/etc; promote a personal project, etc. Depending on the due date provided for the commission, it may push the commission to have higher priority over others.


          - Communication between you and I

     Depending on how fast communication occurs between both parties, the turn-around time can either shorten or extend.


     Time-wise can range from easily a week to few of months; and I do offer progress reports if requested.

Return Policy?

     My Return Policy varies depending on the type of commissions:

     Traditional/Digital Illustrations:

         - Sketching: 100% refund

         - Inking/Coloring: 50% refund

         - Upon Completion: no refund allowed

     Commission types I do not accept refunds for: Concept Arts, Children’s Books, Storyboards/Animations, Comic


     As mentioned above, I will send an invoice to the provided email address once details have been clarified. Payment MUST be upfront via PayPal. I will hold a slot for a limited amount of time (1 month) if a commissioner is unable to pay for the pricing. Partial payment for any commission type is allowed, but the full cost must be paid before I start the sketch process.


     If payment have not been paid in full within 1 month from invoice date, the commission will be cancelled and any partial payments will be refunded.


     I do NOT accept Cryptocurrency or any other form of payment at this time, and will refund and cancel if the commission is paid with such.

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