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New product: Stickers~!

With the holiday season in full swing, things have been quite chaotic here at Mad Artist Paradise but I was still able to work with other business to create a new product: Stickers!!

That's right! I'm adding stickers and eventually keychains to the store for all to purchase, both online and at various events listed. It's a slow start but the following designs have been converted to stickers:

- Dice Dragon: Amethyst Dragon D4 -

- Dice Dragon: Emerald Dragon D6 -

- Dice Dragon: Sapphire Dragon D8 -

- Dice Dragon: Sardior the Master Dragon D20 -

- Mystic Chibi: Rainbow Scarab (Egyptian Edition) -

"Rainbow Scarab" Illustration

That's all for now, folks. While I apologize for the lack of posts, I am doing a simple saying that we're all familiar with: "Work hard, Play hard!" You all have a lovely day and Happy early Thanksgiving!

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