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Product announcement!

Hello everyone!

Now I can't quite remember which platform I have announced my Monster Hunter project, but I'm glad to show progress as it have been long time coming this year. I currently have 12 monsters lined up for this project, mostly focused from what could be found in Monster Hunter Now (and from personal monster knowledge from like 5-6 months ago LOL). As of right now, 4 monster scrolls have been digitally colored with 5th one almost done, and weapon keychains are ready on stand-by for the special "Lets Hunt" deal - customers get a choice of one monster scroll and one weapon keychain for total of $25. There will also be other specials regarding purchasing all 12 monster scrolls and 14 weapon keychains, separately and together but still working on details for those deals.


Monsters Done and Ready for Production:

~ Anjanath/Fulgar Anjanath, Diablos/Black Diablos, Great Jaguars with pack of Jaguars, Kulu-Ya-Ku ~

Monster Hunter Weapon Keychains (based on World)

~ Great Sword, Long Sword, Dual Blade, Sword n Shield, Hammer, Hunting Horn, Insect Glaive ~

~ Light BowGun, Heavy GunBow, Bow, Charge Blade, Switch Axe, Gunlance, Lance ~

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