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Sci-Fi Valley Con 2024 is coming soon!

Hey everyone!!

We're less than one week away from Sci-Fi Valley Con 2024!! It's gonna be a fun time - meeting fans and fellow creators, hanging with friends and have a grand old time!!

Honestly, my favorite part of this convention is most definitely gonna be Con-Quest and Charity Quick Sketch. What are these two activities? Both activities are actual charity events with all donations made going to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals through Extra Life.

First activity, "Con-Quest" is what the name implies. Attendees goes to different vendors participating in this activity to recieve a 'quest'. The 'quest' is designed by the vendors themselves and from what I've seen, most of time, these 'quests' would be trivia questions of various fandoms, look for certain items or what I've done last year, attempt to beat me in a game of dices. Upon completion of the 'quest', the vendor will clip the attendee's tickets, which is then used for a raffle table in attempt to win various prizes. As a Quest-giver this year, I will be asking trivia questions based on Monster Hunter and Legend of Zelda, ranging from simple to hardcore questions.

The second activity, Charity Quick Sketch, is a simple one-hour event where various artists such as myself will create artwork live and you fine folks can bid on the said artwork. Very simple but very fun specially when the audience sometime will request things and we artists can choose to do those requests. All money made from this activities goes to local charities to help children in need as mentioned above.

And with that, I do hope to see all you lovely folks! Come one check out the vendors, help support the local charities and much more!!

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