The Abyssinian is one of the oldest breeds of domesticated cats, but its real ancestry is lost in time. Romantic tales call it the cat from the Blue Nile saying it is a direct descendant of the sacred cat of Ancient Egypt because it resembles the cats depicted in Egyptian murals and artifacts.


As the Abby (nicknamed at Cat Shows) are quite beautiful to look at, the head was designed to express some sense of regal with its beautiful large ears and golden eyes; and strong colors of brown/orange/yellow. As the Abyssinian is believed to be the descendent of sacred cat of Egypt, the Blue Egyptian Lotus was selected due to complementary colors as well as adding elegancy to this beautiful breed.



Artwork was design by watercolor and colored pencils, coated with gloss for vibrant colors and shine.


Size of the wood base averages around 3" to 4". Wood type can be either Basswood or Birchwood, and have Paw Print on its hanging string.

Abyssinian with Blue Egyptian Lotus

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