Inspired by artist's own spirit animal, the Wolf - Those who house the animal spirit of the Wolf is believe to houses these personality traits: Powerful instincts, intuition and high intelligence. However, if a wolf or a wolf totem were to appear before someone, it is believed to symbolized:

     - Strong connection with your instincts or intuition

     - High intelligence

     - Loyalty and communication

     - Deep desire for freedom


Artwork was design by watercolor and ink, coated with gloss for vibrant colors and shine.


Wood size ranges average 3" to 4". Reflecting traditional style of dreamcatchers, there are 3 rows of the following: 1 turquoise bead, 2 blue/purple glassy beads and two feathers.

Guardian Dreamcatcher: Wolf

  • Final Product may differ from image(s) as each painting is handmade, therefore each one is slightly different. That includes wood sizes, wood types, beads, feathers, etc.

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