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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the wait time for a commission?

Wait times depend on many factors - the time of year and schedule availability, how many people are on the waitlist, how detailed the commission is, and how quickly I receive message responses. Commissions are chosen based on commission details and time available to complete them, not on a first-come-first-served basis. Simple commission types are faster and easier to complete than large detailed ones. I do not recommend trying to commission time-sensitive pieces such as birthday or anniversary gifts, as there is no guarantee that your commission will be accepted or finished in time.

Can I check on the progress of my commission?

If you have placed an order, you can request progress report. It will not include the preview of work unless requested, which will count as a revision if available. Excessive revisions will incur additional costs.

Do you take NSFW commissions?

I may take softcore NSFW commissions like sexy pin-ups for example. I will not draw any kind of exposed penetration or genitalia. I will not draw non-con. I will not draw sexual violence, pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, or heavy gore. If you have any questions regarding what I can do, please refer to TOS for more details.

I want to commission something that is not priced or listed in your categories

Please reach out via the Contact Me form to discuss whether or not it's something I can do!

Do you take requests or art trades?

In general, no. If we are mutuals, please feel free to ask. Otherwise, consider signing up for! It is an annual art trading event that I participate in every year.

Can I get a discount if I only want a sketch or lineart?

Sorry, I do not offer commissions for sketches, lineart, or anything that I would consider "unfinished". I try to offer commission types at many different price points if you are looking for cheaper options. 

Can I repost artwork you made for me?

As long as you credit me (Mad Artist) and link back to my website or tag my account, you are welcome to upload artwork made for you to any site or account.

Can I edit artwork you made for me to fit my icon/banner/sig/etc?

Yes, you may crop, rotate, and resize artwork you commissioned to fit a personal icon, banner, sig, or page decoration. You are also welcome to request I do this for you. You may NOT heavily alter, recolor, change, or otherwise deface the artwork. 

Can I use your art for NFTs or commission you for NFT art?

No, sorry. I do not support NFTs, nor do I want my art associated with NFTs. Anyone using or uploading my artwork as an NFT will be reported and have legal action taken against them where applicable.

Can I remove your name or watermark from artwork if I credit you elsewhere?

Under no circumstances are you ever allowed to remove or censor my watermark, name, or signature from any of my artworks.

I have a question about refunds, payments, or copyrights.

Please see the TOS page for more information about these subjects.

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