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Terms of Service

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By purchasing Mad Artist’s art services, you agree to the following conditions. Please read this entirely and carefully.

For any questions or concerns, please contact Mad Artist.

- Payment -

  • All payments should be in USD (United States Dollars).

  • Accepted payment types are: Paypal and Debit/Credit card.

  • Payment is due upfront and in full for any commission equal to or below $100 USD.

  • For amounts greater than $100 USD, payment plans are available. Please contact Mad Artist in advance to determine what payment plan works best for you.

  • If payment is not made within 3 days of your commission being accepted, your request may be dropped. Let Mad Artist know if you need more time to pay.

  • Commissions will not be started until a non-refundable deposit of 25% of total bill have been received.

  • Once your commission has been started, only partial refunds are available depending on the progress of the commission.

- Artist -

  • By commissioning Mad Artist, you are paying for her artistic labor. For Children’s book and Animation, you receive the rights for the final project only. Roughs, thumbnails, and other progressive artworks are not included.

  • The artwork is guaranteed to be a one-of-a-kind, original creation created by Mad Artist; interpreted in Mad Artist’s art style; not previously sold elsewhere.

  • Mad Artist reserves the right to reject any commission, for any reason, at any time.

- Commissioner -

  • Commissioner retains all rights to their IP, and grants the artist temporary license to use their IP for creation of the commission.

  • If the commission has been started, the commissioner may request a low-resolution preview of the artwork's progress at any time. 

  • Any major changes or revisions requested after the approved sketch stage will be done for an added fee, unless the requested changes are clearly-noted design elements that were missed at fault of the artist.

  • The commissioner may share, upload, and repost finished artwork made for them ONLY IF it is accompanied by credit to Mad Artist as the artist, and a link back to this website or a tag to Mad Artist’s relevant social account.

  • The commissioner may crop, rotate, and resize finished artwork made for them to fit a personal icon, banner, sig, or page decoration.

  • ​Commissioner may NOT heavily alter, recolor, change, or otherwise deface the artwork. 

  • If you are concerned or have any questions regarding commissions, please contact me.

- Procedure -

  • After payment (full or non-refunded deposit) has been received, Mad Artist will begin sketching, coloring, and rendering depending on the commission type.

  • Sketches and previews will be submitted to the commissioner for approval wherever relevant, however not all commissions have an approval stage. Some commission types are completed in a single sitting.

  • Mad Artist will accept "written description only" commissions, but please provide reference photos of some kind whenever possible. References photos will allow her to make sure details are accuracy such as colors, shapes, etc.

  • A breach of these terms will result in cancellation of your current orders, a ban from doing further business with Mad Artist or any of her colleagues, and legal action where applicable.

  • Mad Artist will accept commissions that depict:

    • Fantasy - Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Mythology, Fairy Tales, etc.

    • Animals - Pets, Anthro, etc.

    • Nature - Flora and Fauna, Landscape

    • Gothic/Creepy/Gore*

    • Spiritual - Constellations, Spirits, etc.

  • Mad Artist will not accept commissions that depict:

    • Genitalia or exposed penetration

    • Sexual Nature of sort:

      • Rape / Non-con, Sexual violence, Pedophilia (sexual acts with a minor), Necrophilia (sexual acts with a corpse), Bestiality (sexual acts between a human and animal) and Heavy gore

  • If you are not sure whether your request is acceptable, please contact me for clarification.

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