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~ Information about Digimon Crest ~

The Crests refer to two things throughout the Digimon fandom: the traits that the DigiDestined of Digimon Adventure and the power to digivolve their Digimon partner from Champion to Ultimate level, or in specific cases, from Rookie to Mega level.


The DigiDestined's traits, not only give power to the partner Digimon, but also take physical manifestations in the form of small tablets which are then inserted into Tags, pendants worn around the neck, which glows when the respective DigiDestined displays the said traits.


~ Deal Option: DigiDestined ~

This option includes all crests as one set collection. Cant decide which one to go with, why not all of them?


~ Information about the keychain ~

Each tag is an 2.5" Gold-Edge Acrylic Keychain with double-sided printing.

*Due to manufactoring issues, the keychains are being redesigned for Hot Stamp - Gold Foil. The Gold-Edge Acrylic will keep going until completely sold out.


~ Information about the sticker ~

Each tag is an 3" clear sticker.

Digi Crests

  • Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and any loss in value if an item isn't returned in original condition.

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