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*Pre-Order notes: Only the Monster Hunter Scrolls are available for pre-orders. If you order the "Let's Hunt" special, the keychain will be shipped with the scrolls once they arrive roughly at the end of June.


With Monster Hunter Wild coming next year and being a hunter myself, I was inspired to create weapon keychains as I couldnt find any available. I also wanted illustrations of various monsters as some of their designs are just downright cool.


Out of roughly 500+ Monsters, I've selected 12 monsters roughly from what I knew when first starting this project to design into scrolls. These scrolls are available as stand-alone product or as part of a special I like to call "Let's Hunt!"


As a fellow hunter, you would need to equip yourself with one of these following weapon of choice:

Bow, Charge Blade, Dual Blade, Great Sword, Gunlance, Hammer, Heavy Gunbow, Hunting Horn, Insect Glaive, Lance, Light Gunbow, Long Sword, Switch Axe, Sword n Shield


~ "Let's Hunt" Special ~

One (1) Weapon keychain + One (1) Monster Scroll of chioce


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

~ Keychain Information ~

Each keychain is 3" Synthetic Basswood with double-side printing. Please refer to Monster Hunter: Weapons for more information.


~ Monster Scroll Information ~

Each scroll is 12"x36" fabric scroll with black bars on top and bottom and and is ready to hang immediately.

Monster Hunter: Monster Scroll

Scrolls are expected to arrive in store by end of June - All pre-orders will be sent out within the first two weeks of July.
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