Terms of Service

Welcome to Mad Artist Paradise’s Terms of Service. We thank you in advance for considering or purchasing a commission from us! These terms apply to noncommercial products only.


When commissioning us, you are confirming that you have read and agree to our official terms of service and conditions, and are 18+ (no minors permitted). Commission themes are to be approved at our discretion at all times and will remain SFW. We reserve the right to decline any commission, cancel a commission, ignore/ban/blacklist you without prior indication/warning.

We will treat you with respect and expect the same in return!



Prices are predetermined on our website and through a personalized quote before the art process begins.


Discounts will not be added after the commission price has been determined, and the commission price will not change throughout the art process, with the only exception being requiring more than one (1) revision.


Payments are required in full before the beginning of work, minimum half to reserve a slot on the queue. A PayPal invoice will be sent to the commissioner by the provided email before work begins. Please do not send an unapproved payment for a commission to us. Premature payments will be immediately refunded and an invoice will be made.


We use PayPal only. We do not accept checks, money orders, cash, or any other form of payment unless otherwise agreed upon. Tips are always welcomed and appreciated, and will ensure extra care and speed, but are not required.


Pricing may change due to personal sales, demand, or emergencies. They may also change due to character/background/prop complexity, but will always be listed up to date. Payment plans are available by arrangement should your commission amount to $250+




We withhold the right to take as much time as needed on commissions but will never “take your money and run”. After a 6 month period without completion, 50% of the commissioner’s money will be refunded, and the art will still be completed. After a 12 month period without completion, 100% of the commissioner’s money will be refunded and the art will still be completed in due time.

Refunds are permitted and will be issued through PayPal through the original transaction/invoice. Refund amount will be determined based on the amount of completion and rounded down as follows:

No progress: 100%

Sketch: 75%

Line work: 25%

Completion: 0%

Refunds are not permitted after the commission is complete. 


Our artist reserve the right to cancel any commission (due to illness, emergency, etc.) and the client will be fully refunded. We will have rights to the image at any stage of progress. All custom illustrations will remain one-of-a-kind and will not be duplicate, sold, etc.



Each piece takes a different amount of time, but we strive to be quick at what we do. Your piece can take up to 3 months, or longer, but we will try to clear our queue on a bi-weekly schedule. Process times WILL vary. Rush orders are available, the price of such will be decided upon in discussion before the art process begins.

For digital illustrations, size and resolution (300-350 dpi) will be set by our artist, unless a different size is requested (for an icon, banner, etc.). Final images will be saved as a .jpg/.png unless otherwise requested. File will be sent in full resolution to an email address we request of the commissioner.



You will get one (1) free revision on the concept sketch as this is to ensure accuracy regarding pets and characters that our artist may not know. There are no WIPs for sketch commissions/Icons/Artistic Freedom pieces, and edits are only made for major artists error & color changes for such. 


The client must approve of the sketch stage and address any changes before our artist continue, and no changes will be allowed to the base sketch afterwards.


Requested changes past the free revision will result in charges (from $5-$15 in editing fees).




Hand-delivered items are unavailable unless it is convention pick-up, or the client is a mutual. Commissioner is responsible for meeting me at the specified times/location, and if a no-show occurs, they are required to pay for the product to be shipped to them.


If shipping, Client is responsible for providing a valid address and understanding their local customs’ fees and laws, and if they are required to pick up mail or a delivered package. Mailing/shipping fees will be determined before the art process begins calculated from the postage, packaging, and delivery costs. (US shipping preferred but international mailing is available). Mailing/shipping can take up to 3 weeks for US, and up to 5 weeks international.


Refunds/replacements for damaged products or failed delivery will only be given with proof of damage caused by the shipping process, and shipping fees will be charged once more to the client. Tracking numbers are provided for packages and anything larger than flat rate mail upon request. Tracking numbers will not be provided on letters.


As of 2019, insurance is not provided on packages unless the shipping service does so.




Clients are required to use our commission form, and we require contact information as well as reference photos/ref sheet. Character descriptions are allowed for reference sheet commissions only. Clients are strongly encouraged to include all clear and concise information relevant to the commission for an accurate and satisfactory product. We are not responsible for missing information in during the pre-work process.


Forms are responded to with quotes within 24-48 hrs. If we are unresponsive within that time, check your spam folder or contact us through other social media. If we are unresponsive for a month or more without warning, something has happened on our end and the client should file a PayPal claim for a refund.


Commissions will be recorded/documented in their respective slots in order of their submission/acceptance until they are completed, and we are  responsible for updating the queue as it changes. We send updates semi-regularly for larger projects, guaranteed updates will be at the sketch/line work, and final phase. If you need further/more updates, or do not wish to be updated until completion, please request this before the art process begins.




We do not tolerate abusive or derogatory language, trolling, baby talk, spam, role-play, sexual advances, or idle chatter during the commission process, and continuation of such after a warning will result in termination of the commission and partial or no refund.


Commission requests of the following will be declined: 





Prices are non-negotiable, and haggling or asking to lower prices is inappropriate and your commission will likely be declined.


Spamming/trolling our social media pages or promoting hate or violence towards race, sexual orientation, age, gender, or religion on my social media pages will result in a ban.


Commissions are considered abandoned if the client fails to pay an invoice within 3 days of delivery and the client will be blacklisted if they continue the habit with future commissions. Exceptions include illness, natural disasters/severe weather, or negotiated terms. If there is a lack of communication from the client for longer than two weeks, we will cancel the order and issue a refund at its current state of completion. Exceptions include illness, natural disasters/severe weather.




Name, shipping information & email address will remain confidential if given to us.


Commissions will be selectively published on social media & posted on Youtube as a speed paint video with client credit unless they wish to remain anonymous. We will permit delay posting for special events/holidays at request for free.


We do NOT accept commercial commissions unless the client buys out the rights at 3x the commission cost.


Clients are given the right to issue a take down request against third parties, whose characters are not depicted in the image, if the art has been stolen/misused/falsely claimed.




We own the art created due to US copyright laws and Moral Right, and have full publication/printing rights, but out of respect of the commissioner, we will ask before printing, or using the art for any other purposes. We reserve the right to redistribute the artwork on any site, as well as use for advertisement of our services. We will politely decline requests to remove work from our galleries.


Clients are permitted to re-post on any platform with due credit. Removal of our watermark or failing to credit the work will result in a permanent ban and removal of the post. If we feel as if our Moral Right to an image has been compromised, we will issue a take down. 


Claiming the art as your own or another person’s, tracing/referencing without permission, or editing the original work (by you or another artist) without our explicit permission and clear labeling of changes will result in a permanent ban, possible legal action and we will issue a take down.


Resizing the image for personal use is permitted.


The client or any other persons using our art to advertise paid services, or for any other monetary gain will be considered an unauthorized commercial project and will be DMCA’d without notice.


We will not claim your characters as our own. Client is permitted to use the artwork received as a reference for other artists (i.e. character design).