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Status Color Key:

Not Ready

Commission has not been started and is

either waiting for payment or more information.

Ready / In Progress

Commission is ready to start or is

currentlybeing worked on.


Commission has successfully

been paid for and finished! Yay!

- Active Commissions -

Last Updated: March 31, 2024

- Animations -

- Illustrations -​

- Children's Book -​


Want to buy a commission?
Commission categories and prices

- All projects will require at least one meeting to discuss project details and terms. Meetings can be online or in person if local. -
- Excessive revisions will incur additional costs or hourly working fees. -

- For Children’s Book and Animation projects, a contract will be drafted with project details/terms and require signatures from both parties. -

- View the Terms of Service and Frequently Asked Questions for more information about commissions. -

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