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Inspired by a Secret Santa list I was given during 2021, I wanted to push my skills while focusing on the following prompts: "Dragons", "Dices", and "Dungeons & Dragons".


While researching the dragons that appears in Dungeons and Dragons, there was quite few categories of dragons that was found: Chromatic Dragons, Metallic Dragons, Catastrophic Dragons, Planar Dragons, Arcane Dragons, etc. The Gem Dragons was chosen as there was enough variety in terms of colors in ratio to the dies used in Dungeons & Dragons. A small bio that locked in the Gem Dragons during the sketch process:


"Gem dragons are a classification of dragon based on "gem type rather than color or metal". They are typically of neutral alignment with respect to good and evil, but some kinds are quite egoistic and awful company nevertheless. The Gem dragon family comprise Amethyst Dragons, Crystal Dragons, Emerald Dragons, Sapphire Dragons, and Topaz Dragons. Sardior is the deity of gem dragons. Although Obsidian Dragons are also technically gem dragons, they are opposed to Sardior and most other gem dragons."


Each of these gem dragons was given a die at random, with the only exception being Sardior and the D20 die. Sardior is the known Master of the Gem Dragons since first edition and the D20 die is the master of our fate(s) in nearly every TTRPG available.


~ Deal Option: Dragon Set ~

This option includes all dragons as one set collection. Cant decide which one to go with, why not all of them?


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Sizing ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Each print is 5x5" with 8"x8" board mat and color background unique to the respective dragons.

Dice Dragons

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